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My work-based education month in Munich, Germany

About half a year before I arrived to Germany, I got an idea in school that I want to study abroad. I was 18 then. My school in Finland promised to send me abroad because I was doing so good in school. I was able to choose Munich or Belfast in Northern Ireland. I decided Munich, mostly because in Belfast I should took a language course which was expensive.

When I arrived to Munich that cloudy Sunday evening, first things I realized that it was rhe biggest city I have ever been. Using underground system alone for moving made me a bit nervous, but I learned it in a week. I didn’t speak a single word of German, but everything went okay with my English, which wasn’t so great either 

Working in Fressnaph was quite the same as I would do in Finland: cleaning, feeding the animals, putting more products to aisles… I didn’t do any customer service because I didnä’t speak German, but I always knew who were able to help the customers.

Best parts of my trip were climbing to some tower just next to Marienplatz, where I saw all the city: it was impressing. I also enjoyed going to English Garden with some Ukrainian boys from my hostel, all the other parks I just went for walking for hours (and clubbing in Kultfabrik ;))

This month in Germany teached me that it is possible to travel and go abroad, what I had never done before. I also had a lot free time after hard studying period in Finland. I liked Munich a lot because it was very green and the city centre is beautiful. In Fressnaph I had great people to work with, Jonas and Florian, and I really appreciate all Sabrinas help (student from the school)


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